I’m a photomanipulator. I edit and composite existing photographs. Couldn’t draw a stick figure to save my life. I obviously have to edit to extent of making a new creation of my own . I use gimp for photomanipulation and coloring on Manga Studio. Here’s an example of the process of my work. The first left image belongs to WilkiIMAGE Photos By Wilki W. K. Tom:




I cropped out the guy and everything else leaving the girl. I erased her arms and added the arms and guns added the gun belts the necklace and background. Obviously the zombies are from clipart with special licensing.  Erased her face and added my facial features. I usually do this in my art. Added some missing pieces from the chair  then I colored it. So it’s a very long process at times

I can work in a few days time sometimes in one day depending on my schedule . I’m not a one hour artist. I need more time then that.

I will retain the right to my work etc. Let’s say you  commission  me for a print canvas Owning the actual print  canvas is not the same as owning copyright and reproduction rights in the canvas.

I charge for commission and the supplies you’d want the piece to printed on . Depending what you want pillow, mug, print canvas etc.  As for a a commission  price rates start at $50 but that can be negotiated also and it depends how much work I have to do on that particular piece.  Payments can be made to paypal  at divinegimp@gmail.com please also email your ideas at this email. I also take checks and money orders. Before I send anything to you I have to be paid first. Sorry that’s how I work