Please Fund My trip too London. I’m Iris Aguilar and I have Cerebral  Palsy- Diplegia, I use a wheelchair and I’m a amateur model. I have been unexpectedly blessed. Someone generous is giving me Airport tickets and hotel for a trip to London. I will be going during  July 22-26. I always had a fascination with London’s historic places and of course the royal family.  My sister and my mom are also coming along with me

I would like to visit Buckingham Palace , Kensington Palace-Kensington  Palace’s Orangery Cafe, and The Tower. I can get a percentage off for being disabled or having a companion, but I  also would like a little extra for souvenirs.  And if we do get a little more than extra it will also go  towards food and other necessities during our trip to London. Any little bit helps, even if you donate $1.

Thank you  all for being generous towards my trip.